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About Kluaynamthai 2 Hospital

Hospital patients with chronic Campus 2 is the expansion of the hospital which the hospital Campus Hospital Campus. A 200-bed general hospital has opened up in 2516 to get medical treatment. All disease, all age groups When open for some time. Former President Bush's victory is a pool Prof's your idea of a service. Differences in treatment and nursing care for the elderly. With care needs That covers the social, psychological and spiritual care increased from physical illness. Because some seniors are required treatment in hospital for a long period. The long-term care services to help ease the burden on family and children in the care of the elderly as foreseen the change of society with a growing number of seniors. The city began to change a single family. The opening up of elderly care. Hospital Campus It is located on Rama 4 Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok is one of the wards. The first start was not as successful as it should because it is not recognized in supporting the elderly to leave the hospital. Former president you finish Pool Neverland Professor and Chairman Prof Urai Sri Neverland has developed and improved the service to be established and a number of elderly on the increase later in 2535 he moved the elderly in nursing. All patients coming to hospital care for the elderly are established to provide services to the elderly, especially a 80-bed nursing home patients to date.Chronic Campus 2

had a nurse with experience. And a service model that has the potential to develop quality healthcare services. Health Care and Seniors It also highlights The principles of holistic care including physical, mental, social and spiritual health of the elderly and build customer satisfaction, the relatives and descendants. Ready to mediate in welding. Of the families closer together through various activities. With the ultimate goal of the work is to create a better quality of life (Quality of Life) to the elderly.

The current hospital patients chronically treated as private hospitals that provide medical care and rehabilitation for elderly patients with particular care, long-term (Long term care) and to develop services. Support for social change Who are entering an aging society both inside and outside the country.

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