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About European Medical Center (EMC)

"The European Medical CenterĀ» (EMC) was founded in 1989 with the participation of the French company Europ Assistance to provide medical assistance to foreigners living in Moscow. Initially, the clinic consisted of several rooms, which were receiving foreign experts. Kicking was a great success, which allowed the owners to expand the practice and invite new doctors. In 2001, a multidisciplinary clinic in an old mansion house was opened in Spiridonievsky lane that combines a diagnostic clinic and hospital departments. It was the first private clinic to offer patients health care in Moscow by Western standards and service of the highest level.

With the arrival of the new management in 2004 was the further expansion of clinical practice, primarily due to the development of surgical areas, increase the volume of transactions was organized emergency service and emergency care. By this time, formed a unique international team of European doctors and medical center was finally formulated strategy for the development of academic competencies, the introduction of high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment.

In 2009, EMC opened a new clinic building in Orlovsky Pereulok total area of 5000 sq.m. a polyclinic department, hospital, intensive care unit and four ultra-modern operating units, as well as a private diagnostic center, having in its composition computer and magnetic resonance tomography, mammography, endoscopy. The new building housed the urological center, department of cardiology and neurology, as well as the European Clinic of Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics - the largest private orthopedic clinic in Russia.

With the opening of a modern clinic in Orlovsky Pereulok European Medical Center has become one of the largest private medical institutions in the country. Unlike most private clinics, EMC has been focused not only on the "conditionally healthy patient", but also for the provision of high-tech care for the most serious diseases. One of the first private EMC medicine began to develop oncology. In 2010, the clinic was established oncology and hematology, for the first time in Moscow to offer patients treatment for cancer in modern European and American protocols.

To further extend EMC capabilities, primarily for the purpose of organizing a new multidisciplinary hospital was opened on the street full cycle of cancer care in 2012. Shchepkin. The modern seven-storey building area of 15 500 square meters. m. All the conditions for the provision of diagnostic and medical help to the highest international standards have been established. The clinic hospital comfortable, modern operating unit is equipped with a robotic system Da Vinci Si HD last generation have been opened, the ICU, Breast Center, Department of Urology, Gynaecology and Gynaecologic Oncology Clinic, heart and vascular center, clinic reproductive and prenatal medicine, clinical diagnostic laboratory, polyclinic unit. The clinic is working around the clock radiology department, emergency and urgent care, emergency surgery.

In 2014 there was a further expansion of scientific and practical clinical potential because of the arrival of a team of specialists from the center of world renown in the field of neurosurgery, spine surgery, liver surgery and transplantation, reconstructive and general urology. At the Clinic for Neurology and Neurosurgery it was realized all the possibilities for complex operations for patients with brain and spinal cord diseases.

In May 2015, the hospital on the street. Shchepkina Centre was opened radionuclide diagnostics, which includes PET / CT, SPECT-CT scanners and a cyclotron, radiochemical laboratory complex c synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals and radiotherapy department with linear accelerators and the latest generation Truebeam Trilogy. Thus, to date, EMC has the capacity to provide a full cycle of cancer care, including different diagnostic methods (radiation and molecular), conservative surgery, radiotherapy, conducted according to international standards. On the basis of the Clinic of Oncology and Hematology Oncology Institute was formed, which brings together leading experts in the field of radiology, oncology, surgery, radiation therapy from the US, Western Europe, Israel and Russia. Together with EMC Medicka school ( The Institute develops and implements programs of additional vocational training for physicians in the directions: patomorfologija, mammalogy, oncology, radiology, radiotherapy and surgery.

Since its inception, the European Medical Center has assisted not only to adults but also children. Over time, the number of pediatric patients has increased many times, and it was decided to open a children's hospital with its own polyclinic department and hospital. European Children's Hospital Medical Center on Trifonovskaya Street opened its doors in April of 2013. It brought together highly qualified specialists in the field of children's neurology, dermatology, allergology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, hematology, surgery and other areas. The clinic features unique specialization, such as helping children with epilepsy, child psychology and psychotherapy. Today it is the only private children's hospitals with hospitals.

Over the years, the development of a small "French" EMC clinic in the historic center of Moscow turned into a major medical holding, consisting of four multi-functional health centers, which are visited annually by more than 250 thousand patients who have made a choice in favor of European quality medicine in Moscow. Today, EMC employs more than 600 doctors from the US, Western Europe, Israel and Russia on 56 health areas.

Along with the expansion of medical competence we maintain the benefits that formed over 25 years clinical practice a unique EMC. We consider it our most important priority of patient care and services that meet the highest international standards.

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