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Premium Dental dentists operating in the Semmelweis University Clinical Kútvölgyi array of European-standard professional equipment and highly qualified medical team waiting for you for five to six days a week Dental's office. A dental specialist areas of expertise to help each other, work in the professional community, so the best treatment is performed in the given field. We are thinking here of conserved (retaining) the representatives of dentists, oral surgeons, the gums and supporting tissues-management problems periodontist specialist doctor or a specialist in orthodontics dentist.

Dentist our precise diagnostics of all locally available: a panoramic x-rays, including dental and three-dimensional CT scan is used. The CT dental implantations of the most precise cutting-edge technology available. Dental lab also works on site, so the work produced in course for warranty. A painless dental treatments using the most modern anesthetic devices. The injections are administered in doctors Japanese-made microtűkkel, minimizing the repugnance of the needle in susceptible patients. The Premium Dental not only offers the convenience of a private clinic, but also the expertise of dentistry undergraduate backgrounds. Thanks to the Semmelweis University Clinical Array infrastructure Kútvölgyi longer, more serious interventions can be carried out locally - on demand anesthetist specialists involving general anesthesia as well. Treatments in each case preceded by a consultation when the dentist tells you in detail the possible alternatives, the intervention phases, time needed, technical execution and of course costs.

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