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About Kreiskrankenhaus Greiz GmbH

Hospitalization is often associated with anxiety and worry for many people. Much is strange and new, sometimes even incomprehensible. With our website we want to introduce our hospital and make the unusual situation for you more familiar.

Extensive construction measures have ensured that the the Greizer hospital complex has become one of the most beautiful and modern in Thuringia. So was handed over in 2003, the functional building and three years later the house bed. In early 2008, the ward block C has been opened (former main house) after basic rehabilitation again. It houses, among other bedrooms also physiotherapy and a "room of silence". Overall, our patients are 321 beds in cozy 1- and 2-bed rooms with free television consumers.

For many years we have dedicated ourselves to the task always to act for the benefit of our patients. The use of gentle examination and treatment methods is just as natural as comprehensive care during their stay in our facility.
The medical instrumentation corresponds to the latest scientific and health status.
The constant development and training of health professionals and the entire staff guarantee your medical treatment at the highest Level.

The company Medirest preparing for our patients all forms of solid and special diets as nutritional principles to fresh. At breakfast and dinner, guests can arrange your individual menu from a selection of different components, as far as it allows your medication. Lunch menus are offered.

Your health and personal well-being we are committed.
For over 500 employees who work around the clock to ensure that the stay of the patient extends not only medical and nursing optimally but also pleasant, comfortable and uncomplicated.
We are glad to inform They detail and are glad of questions, suggestions and requests.

We want our patients a speedy recovery and our visitors a most enjoyable stay in our hospital.

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