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About Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH

The Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH is a major regional health care centre and one of the largest hospitals in Germany. In the recent past we have successfully extended our range of services through the merging of clinics and by increasing our medical and scientific expertise. We have established various subsidiary companies and intensified our co-operation with industry and business organizations. We have made huge investments to modernize the existing, some partly historic buildings, have provided them with modern facilities and have extended them by the construction of numerous new modern buildings. This process is not yet fully complete.

We are doing all of this in the knowledge that we are mainly a service provider: the health care provided for our patients is at the highest level of medical diagnoses, therapies and equipment.

Through the use of modern forms of organization, successful management methods and innovative funding models, we have established a sound basis, which allows us to respond flexibly to health policy requirements and, at the same time, to use the advantages of new scientific findings from medicine and technology to cure the patients entrusted into our care.

In the treatment methods that we use we combine the human factor and state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide the optimum care of our patients. The so called alternative methods of treatment complement the wide range of services that we provide.

We are proud of being the first hospital in Germany that, in the year 2000, was accredited in accordance with the standards of the Joint Commission International, based in Chicago, USA.

Now it is necessary to re-organize the hospital for the future and set up team-based and treatment-oriented structures. Therefore, since 2001, we have been establishing treatment centres, in which we can pool our expertise and resources from several of our hospital site and clinics.

By supraregional, global networking and cooperation we can more easily open up synergies and exchange knowledge and experience. Electronic patient records, telematics and telemedicine provide future-oriented information and communication opportunities for our clients and our staff.

We measure up to national and international comparison - the further development of our health care organization remains a challenge for us in the provision of services for your health, in the responsibility for the people in the city, in the surrounding areas and administrative region of Chemnitz.

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